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Our Japan-Localized SEO Strategy Services

About Japanese SEO/Web marketing

Here, we present the essential aspects of SEO strategy when targeting Japan, as offered by our consultants. Additionally, we’ll acquaint you with our services designed to cater to these requirements.

In Japanese, there are unique techniques for web writing and rules for crafting appealing catchphrases that resonate with users. Simply relying on SEO tools alone won’t make online marketing success achievable.

Japanese Website Development

Allow us to assist you in crafting a website that not only captures customers’ attention but also places a robust emphasis on effective Japanese SEO. Leveraging the power of WordPress (CMS), we architect a system geared towards yielding tangible outcomes for your online platform. The objectives and enhancements of your website are individually tailored, yet our foremost commitment remains steadfast: to draw customers to your online domain with a strong online presence.

Multilingual SEO /Region-Specific Strategies

  • Since Japan and Germany/ or US have different cultures and languages, it’s crucial to perform keyword research and content optimization tailored to each region. Provide SEO strategies that suit the languages.
  • Japan and Western countories have distinct cultures and business practices. Develop strategies tailored to regional characteristics and propose approaches that suit your clients’ target markets.

    Content Optimization

    Optimizing website content, blogs, etc., is crucial to improve search engine rankings. Offer high-quality content focused on specific keywords or topics.

    Optimizing for Local Search Engines

    Focus on local search engines other than Google (e.g., Yahoo! Japan) and offer strategies optimized for those platforms.

    Competitor Analysis

    Analyze competitors’ SEO strategies and incorporate best practices into your own strategies.

    Data Analysis and Improvement

    Measure results and make data-driven decisions. Provide regular reports and improvement suggestions to clients to maximize outcomes.

    Curious what we’ve been working on?

    Price list for Japanes SEO Monthly Service

    250 €

    Small Plan ↗


    • Google Analytics Report
    • Monitoring Ranking of Target Keywords
    • Online Meeting onece a 2 Month

    777 €

    Regular Plan ↗


    • Google Analytics Report
    • Monitoring Ranking of Target Keywords
    • Change / add Article SEO Optimised (3 Article pro month)
    • SEO Strategy Meeting(One time per Month)

    1200 €

    Premium Plan ↗

    Include This Japanese SEO plan

    • Google Analytics Report
    • Weekly Target keywords Monitoring Report
    • Edit SEO optimised Article 10 Article per Month
    • SEO Strategy Meeting (Weekly )

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