Seo services in Japan case studies 2

Seo services in Japan case studies 2

Seo services in Japan case studies 2


OIGEN, a long-established traditional Japanese crafts company that is already well-known in Japan

A new, revamped e-commerce site was about to be launched.

The look of the design, and the way people circulate, have been nicely revamped, but will that be enough to boost sales?

They were asked to me because of their doubts.

The key concerns were.・・・ We want to avoid fancy advertising and the like, but is there a good way to attract customers naturally?

We Offers basic measures and, content marketing to get higher rankings in natural search (SEO).

Oigen Japanese Traditional Castiron Company

Onlinemarketing SEO support.

Concerns with attracting web customers

  • Paid advertising should be avoided.
  • I want to do user-friendly content marketing.
  • Want to achieve top rankings for big keywords in organic search.

We solve the problem.

  • Research target keywords
  • SEO
  • Do a Monthly PDCA Strategy together

Our seo services

Our SEO services are one-time or ongoing search engine optimization services that optimize your site’s SEO to increase its organic search visibility and traffic.

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